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5 Best Tea Brands in India To Kickstart Your Mornings

Indians can never live without the cherished cup of tea. The most excellent tea may do many things for you, like reducing stress, boosting energy, improving mood, and relieving pain. Everyone has a different favorite type of this traditional brew, from cardamom and black tea to herbal tea and masala tea. Choose the ideal tea brands in India and enjoy every sip of the tea. Below listed are the best tea brands in India to kickstart your mornings:

1. Kalpagiri

Kalpagiri Tea

Kalpagiri is a well-known consumer tea brand and a notable exporter of tea. Kalpagiri distributes its products globally, but primarily in India. They have collaborated extensively with boutique estates, tea farms, artisan tea growers, and certified organic tea plantations. Their tea is sourced from farms that uphold the highest standards for sustainable farming, worker welfare, and crop growth. They always use fresh, natural ingredients in their gourmet tea blends and never add artificial flavors or additives. The best organic tea brands in India, like Kalpagiri, the company is dedicated to offering top-quality whole-leaf tea from reliable, well-known tea estates.

2. Taj Mahal tea

Taj Mahal Tea

According to Brooke Bond, The Taj Mahal has been India's top premium tea for four decades. The Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea is another name for it. In India's tea industry, the brand brought about a revolution. They introduced the nation of India to dessert tea, instant tea, and tea bags for the first time. Numerous well-known celebrities and personalities support this tea company. It is one of the priciest tea brands in India for this reason.

3. Waghbakri Tea

Wagh Bakri Tea

One of Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd.'s premium tea brands is Waghbakri, and it is popular in India. It is the third-largest Indian tea manufacturer, processing and packaging tea nationwide. This tea is the perfect choice for your morning or evening tea. It is a well-known tea powder brand due to its delicious Masal tea. It consists of spice-infused tea powder.

4. Brooke Bond Red Label

Brooke Bond Red Label

Look for the best Indian tea brand that will calm and relax your mind. Another famous brand of tea in India is Brooke Bond Red Label. It has a strong hold on the Indian tea market and has been owned by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Because it is widely available in all Indian stores, it has become a household name today. Red Label Naturals contains several beneficial herbs as its main components.

5. Tetley Green Tea


Tetley Green Tea has five times as many antioxidants as an apple and can neutralize free radicals. This green tea has a rich flavor and a natural aroma because it is made from nature’s best tea leaves and buds. Green tea leaves are first lightly pan-fried to get the delicate flavor and light green color. Start your day with a nutritious and revitalizing cup of Tetley Brand green tea in the morning.

Final thoughts

Tea is a fantastic source of antioxidants and, when used sensibly, may be healthy for the body. The secret to enjoying the majority of traditional beverages is choosing an Indian tea brand that relaxes, refreshes, and energizes you at the same time.

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