Premium Tea Grown in The Foothills Of Himalayas
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About Us

Kalpagiri Tea

About Kalpagiri

KALPAGIRI means a wish-granting mountain or a wish-fulfilling divine existence. A mountain which yields whatever may be desired. Applied to products on earth, to a munificent host, a lucrative business etc. A parable about the nature of desire and the unsatisfactoriness of chasing desire as a means to fulfillment.

Kalpagiri is a leading tea export and retail consumer tea brand delivering products all over the world, especially in India. Kalpagiri is leading Delhi NCR along with mithilanchal.

Many tea leaves are available in different ranges and they can be availed in packets & tea bags with high quality and standard.

In Indian culture, Tea is not a cup of tea only. It is a welcome kit of the every morning and our respected guest thus we have prepared our welcome kit Kalpagiri.

Good morning tea is a superior product through a number of processes from Siliguri and Assam tea leaf.

Our Product Range:

Currently, we offer 3 products, which are as follows: